• Dark Place, golden plate
  • Dark Place, golden plate
  • Dark Place, golden plate
  • Dark Place, golden plate

Dark Place, golden plate

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In a bid to improve ourselves in the ceramic craft, we go to the edge of material and technological experiments.
All of a sudden, the form or function is not as important for us as the process itself. The matter of what we create our products from became more important than what we create. The ambition to create things without a waste and to learn how to use all the scrap material awoke in us the whole new enthusiasm. 
The new collection of plates called “DARK PLACE” represents the first phase of this production. The plates are made of recycled dark fireclay and are combined with delicate marble porcelain. We recycle the iron oxides together with the iron waste as naturally as we consider the flaws and mistakes to be unique things.


material: dark chamot with metal based glaze, glaze is only inside, plate is polished on the outside

Plates are food save tested in hygienic institute.

Plates are not suitable for microwave.


Goods are carefully packed in gift boxes which are safely placed in postal packaging to secure the highest safety possible. 


Design by Zuzana Firla

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