Little bit about Bisqit:

Bisque porcelain or bisque is a type of unglazed, white clay with a matte appearance and texture to the touch.

Bisqit is a porcelain studio producing small series of applied porcelain and ceramics. We focus on the method and link between simplicity, utility and beauty. But the greatest driving force is a desire to create. 

Our way of life is greatly influenced by the philosophy of wabi sabi and minimalism

We are also proud to be able to offer you other amazing ceramics through our e-shop. We admire their works very much so I believe that you will love them too.

Thank you for visiting bisqit.

Zuzana Firla

Time to draw the line.

There is no “done”, “complete” or “perfect”. There is just learning.

Collection of handmade cups made from brown stoneware with one simple line. Each cup has some  imperfection and every line is different.

Classic mugs and bowls

Mugs and bowls made on pottery wheel with several different glazes.
Classic of all classics.