Little bit about Bisqit:

Bisque porcelain or bisque is a type of unglazed, white clay with a matte appearance and texture to the touch.

Bisqit is a porcelain studio producing small series of applied porcelain and ceramics. We focus on the method and link between simplicity, utility and beauty. But the greatest driving force is a desire to create. 

Our way of life is greatly influenced by the philosophy of wabi sabi and minimalism

We are also proud to be able to offer you other amazing ceramics through our e-shop. We admire their works very much so I believe that you will love them too.

Thank you for visiting bisqit.

Zuzana Firla

Petra and Libor aka P3L1 studio are here.

Many light-years away, there lies a source of our inspiration. We discovered our planet P3L1, where we can experience total creative freedom.

It is easier for us, not to be bound by an earthly aesthetic stereotypes.

In our work, we like to break the barriers between art and design. To get a final product, we often experiment with materials and technologies.

Even though we are using traditional techniques such as glass blowing or wheel throwing, we always think out of the box, trying to bring new aspects to the way of using the craft.

Petra and Libor

Unique dinnerware from Czech ceramic studios.

Wedding season?

What is the best way to celebrate the engagement or wedding of your close friend or colleague? By giving them a great gift! We are creating a wedding gift collection inspired by our dear companion from our own studio.

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Famous plates from Martina Žílová.

The plates are made of porcelain by turning technique. This technique is based on taking away the cobalt blue engobe step by step by the whipping tools. The whipping tools are specially made for this technique. The specific position of the tool ́s edge on the shard causes the vibration which makes specific imprints of the whipping tool all around the surface of the product. This will provide decor, which is always original and cannot be repeated.

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