• Smoke cup, gray with black
  • Smoke cup, gray with black

Smoke cup, gray with black

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The current collection „Smoke“ handles a challenge of capturing the transience of wavy smoke. It is the attempt to catch a specific one and only moment in time which subsequently disappears forever. Handmade cups are decorated by pigments of different colours which are being melted straight into the matter. Each piece has a unique décor which has been imprinted into the product directly at the time of the creation. Motifs are unrepeatable, yet after a year lasting process of testing, we know how to control the particular décor. We work with factors including a density of the matter, intensity of oxides and technique, speed and style of pouring. We combine porcelain and stoneware, iron oxides, white and dark blue glazing or white one. The cups offer a possibility of choice of matte or glossy version. All products are fired on 1220°C to 1240°C.

Photos reflect the exact design of the cups, due to hand made production every single one is a little bit different. It's not possible to make two completely same cups.

Cups are suitable for microwave use and dishwasher, pigments are melted within clay and they will not move or disappear.


porcelain, blue glaze inside, outside surface is matte



2.2 fl OZ / 65 ml is 5cm high and 6cm diameter

4 fl OZ / 125 ml is 6.5 high and 7,3cm diameter

6.76 fl OZ / 200 ml is 7.5 high and 8,5cm diameter

9 fl OZ / 300ml 8cm high and 9,5 cm diameter


Goods are carefully packed in gift boxes which are safely placed in postal packaging to secure the highest safety possible. 



Design by Zuzana Firla

Made in Prague, Czech Republic.

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