Black skull, deer

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Black porcelain home decor - deer skull.

Live and let live.

The right time has come to introduce you collection of skulls. Our way of thinking about the value of everything alive, nature versus city and the lack of consciousness when it comes to appreciation of each single piece of nature.

New collections of wall decorations is based on an idea of peace and nonviolent life. Each skull is a little symbol that every life matters.

Dimensions: 19cm x 8cm x 8cm

                     7.5in x 3.15in x 3.15in



We’ve got the feeling it is necessary these days to emphasize a bit who and what is SHIT HAPPENS. 
Shit Happens is a porcelain studio with strictly defined opinion. We don’t tolerate racism, discrimination and hypocrisy. Shit Happens are two hard working females, feminists who refuse deep-rooted surmises on who women should be, how she should behave, what to do and how to look like.


Made in Prague, Czech republic