Wrinkle vase

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Wrinkle vase


The collection created by sequential top up of the liquid porcelain substance while it takes about 60 minutes to build each piece of the collection, layer by layer. With the aid of time the fine relief is being made within the whole structure of the object. It is a relatively long process of decor making which is in essence based on a flaw. The Flaw, which has been uplifted to act as a concept of the whole collection.

I compare the layers to wrinkles, contours or tree’s growth rings. Passing time both affects and shapes all of us. The work plays with the idea of time and time flow because everything is influenced by time.

Moreover, the production process of the vase is the exact opposite of today’s way of production. The vase is being created slowly and with a flaw.    


size: 34x10cm

Design by Martina Žílová

Made in Prague, Czech republic