Vase Portugal

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Azulejos tilework was the inspiration for this collection. Azulejos is typical component of Portuguese architecture. While researching azulejos I came across São Lourenço dos Matos chapel of which interior is wholly covered by white and blue azulejos tiles. It was built during the first half of the 18th century. Tiled walls tell the story of St. Lawrence, to who is the church dedicated. The building gives very modest impression from outside but the interior shows off the past richness of the country. I was searching the way how to handle azulejos itself and this unique building. I have worked with the authentic curve line of the church and azulejos tiles. By cutting of the front surface of the vase I imaginary enter the fully decorated church. My aim was to emphasize the uniqueness and value of São Lourenço dos Matos chapel and azulejos technique. The vase decoration rises from the interpretation of the real tile painting form the chapel where St. Lawrence is being tortured. I artistically moved the scene by pixelating the picture.

23,5 cm X 17 cm


Design by Martina Žílová

Made in Prague, Czech republic